From concept to completion, we have what it takes to make effective direct marketing collateral.

Acuity Integrated Marketing has a complete understanding of how to manage a seamless, start-to-finish process to keep our clients happy and productive. Start to finish, we have the skills, experience, and tools needed to create pieces that inspire the desired response from your targeted audience.



The AIM team can work with you to promote your messages or create entirely new campaigns that speak effectively to your donors. We can help you efficiently and quickly expand your donations and your donors. Get the most from your direct marketing appeal dollars by making our experts your experts!


Effective messages combined with professional design is the one-two that helps your message speak directly to your donors and keep them in your fold – not your competitor’s. Our award-winning, experienced designers are brilliant at matching message and design to create a piece that that speaks effectively.


High dollar donors / buyers are critical to your success. How much effort does your organization expend to maintain your relationships with them… and at what cost? Get the most from your marketing dollar by working with our partner experts available through Acuity Integrated Marketing. We bring results from high dollar donors from start to finish – how to court them, how to hook them, and how to get the most dollar per ask. Together, this experienced group of associated marketing specialists will partner with your organization to create effective strategies and messages that succeed. 

You’ll even have the opportunity to evaluate the history of each individual high dollar donor’s relationship with your organization. Then, we craft messages that create a sense of one-to-one personal communication that deepens the level of commitment to your cause or loyalty to your product.


Ready for success? Try our Direct Mail services! Acuity Integrated Marketing’s team can help you achieve your marketing goals using our decades of experience creating cost-effective pieces for businesses and non-profits of all sizes. But that’s not all. We have many additional in-house services to ensure you have everything you need – including list acquisition, social media review, graphic design, and more. Let’s talk today about how AIM can make your next mailing your most effective one!


Acuity Integrated Marketing completes a comprehensive assessment of your current fundraising program, your current and future program goals, and develops recommendations to increase your project ROI. Beginning with data analysis, then continuing with the presentation of actionable recommendations, we provide defined goals and outcome metrics. Our experience has shown that an in-depth preliminary analysis is always the best place to start in order to identify the scope of work needed to meet your stated goals. We look back and conduct an in-depth review of three years of your performance and marketing strategies, so we can see what has been working for your organization, and what needs adjusting. This can include reviews of fundraising reports, direct response marketing efforts, email solicitations, banner ads, search engine marketing, events, corporate giving and cause marketing, application for Google grants, current marketing material and development collateral, and any other revenue or marketing channels that contribute to your fundraising efforts. This helps us to successfully implement the following improvements: