What is the essence of life?
To serve others and to do good.

We Live Our Mission

AIM deeply believes in charitable efforts – both personally and professionally.

Our company and our associates contribute their time and talents to charitable organizations in many forms – volunteering and donating locally in our neighborhoods, across the country, and around the world.

We also live our mission through our work ethics. We strive to always present you with a transparent, collaborative work relationship based on the highest of standards.

Our knowledge personally and professionally with charitable work and charitable fundraising – combined with our exclusive analytics processes – helps us enhance your direct mail fundraising and development efforts.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to business practices of the highest integrity, and embrace policies and behaviors that reflect our dedication. We know first-hand how essential effective fundraising is for every charity to procure the resources needed to scale programs and achieve lasting impact.

Unlike other consulting companies, the Acuity Integrated Marketing team has past experience in building a non-profit from the ground up. This helps us to have real insight into understanding the unique challenges facing charity leaders.

Leveraging our extensive experience in developing such successful and diversified fundraising programs, we work collaboratively and transparently with organizations like yours to develop effective strategies and implement plans consistent with your organization’s mission and revenue goals.

Together, we can make a real difference!