Planning an Upcoming Campaign: Key Considerations

• First and Foremost – Create Trust

Trust is the one thing that you absolutely must foster if you’re looking to create a long-term relationship with a customer or donor. If they can’t trust what you’re saying – or selling – you won’t get the current ask, and it certainly makes any future asks an even bigger hurdle. Be honest and upfront with your pitch, and you’ll automatically be one step closer to reaching your goals. Begin with your budget, working with vendors, and your optimal scheduling needs. If you have deadlines, special requests, or specific goals, we’re always happy to work with you!

• Planning and Communication

Every campaign is an important campaign. Of course, our team always wants to do our best to accommodate your project requirements. The current availability of certain types and brands of paper has sometimes lengthened lead times by weeks. If you know you will need delivery of your print job in less than four weeks, let’s have a conversation about your project as soon as possible.

• The Trust Factor

When creating a campaign, keep your ask – and your claims – realistic. If your donors or customers can’t trust you, they won’t invest in your idea. Make sure the outcome of your campaign is reachable and measurable. Being honest and realistic helps build trust, and makes not only the current “ask” palatable, but makes future “asks” even easier to close.

• Be Proactive 

Have large or repeat upcoming orders, or an important project that we have typically been involved with? We’re cool with that – just talk to us sooner than later. The more we communicate in advance of your needs and deadlines, the better we can plan for – and help you achieve – your project objectives.

• Let AIM Advocate for You

Acuity Integrated Marketing has a proven track record as a trustworthy, reliable partner — both with our customers and our suppliers. We have long-term, strong relationships with our suppliers so we can fulfill your printing and mailing needs. Because we have these multiple reliable supplier relationships, we can successfully navigate industry headwinds.

Help us help you by planning as far in advance as possible. Together, we can work toward our common goal of meeting each and every one of your needs.

Contact us today and let’s get started!